We fully respect the privacy of our customers, however to process the order we require some personal information, which will be used explicitly for the shipping of the purchased product and communication with the customers. Personal information is necessary to enable us to conclude a contract with you, and if you do not provide us with your personal details (name, surname, address, email and phone number), then we can not sign a contract with you.

We retain the personal data provided at the conclusion of the contract for the purposes of archiving. If you do not want your personal information stored in our database, you can make a note in order to "delete the private information immediately after its processing".

MATÚŠ TAHOTNÝ AUTODOPRAVA the operator of the online shop hereby states, that he handles personal information of the customers gained by their registration during the creation of a customer account in accordance to Act no. 18/2018 Z.z. about the protection of personal data as changed and amended.

Based on the stated act the duty arises not to provide gained personal information to a third party. An exception is the courier shipping method, when we provide the necessary information to an external courier for the purpose of the delivery of the package.

According to § 21 and § 22, the person concerned shall have the right to require the operator to correct and supplement the personal data relating to the person concerned, to erase or restrict their processing or to object to the processing of personal data. For this purpose please contact us at

In order to find out what data we collected about you, registered customers can use the "My Personal Data" button, which is accessible after signing in to your customer account. Unregistered customers can contact us by email at for this purpose

According to § 21 the person concerned has the right to file a motion to initiate proceedings under § 100.

The information system operator used on the website is also committed to deleting yours personal data from the e-commerce database without delay. For this request, please contact us by email at and you can use "forget my data" in the subject line.